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What is Atti Mode?

'Atti Mode' is DJI term for Attitude Mode - where your drone's GPS system is disable so it will not remain in a stable hover situation, allowing it to be subject to the effects of wind drift. It's a CAA requirement that we assess each RPAS Pilot's ability to safely operate their drone when GPS signal is lost, and an Atti Mode situation arises. The goal is for you to develop skills to operate your drone safely if it reverts to Atti Mode. You will need to perform a range of tasks within Atti Mode.

Not all drones will have the functionality to manually select Atti Mode, including the DJI Mavic models.

Operating under trees, near buildings and structures, or near high tension power lines can cause signal loss, as well as a failure with the drone's GPS system, and it can happen at any time so it is important to practice. We recommend at least 6-8 batteries worth of practice to become proficient. We can provide instructors if you require tuition.